Well hey there! My name’s Kim – thanks for stopping by (waves).
So, you need a photographer. Tough decision, right? These days there are more
photographers than cardigans in Collingwood.

I know how busy wedding prep is, so let’s get down to the nitty gritty.
I won’t have you posing; not in the garden, not at the ceremony, not draped over a
piano with a chandelier twinkling in the background.

The last thing anyone wants is a photo so forced it looks like you just returned home
from World War 2.
I capture the little moments – the dimple in your partner’s cheek. The freckle on their
eyebrow. The way they smile after pulling off a parallel park.
It’s the little things – those little moments – that tell the biggest tales.
I see my style as an extension of my personality; natural, carefree, fun, with just a
hint of cheek.
I’ll guide you when needed, but chances are you’ll barely notice me during the
wedding (almost to the point where you’ll be wondering if I turned up or not).
But worry not – I’m there; on point and making every shot as good as the last.
I fell in love with photography as soon as the flash on my first ever snap faded.

But it’s wedding photography I dig most – from the first shot of your make up getting
done, right up until the final speck of confetti has been swept from the dancefloor.
I love it like a pirate loves a parrot. Like chop suey loves Worcestershire sauce.
Like… well, let’s just say I like it a lot.
But, in all seriousness, I know how important my role is. And I know these images
will be with you until you’re old and grey and sipping tea from a rocking chair with a
cat purring at your feet.
All of my experience and skill goes into every wedding I do. And I take pride in every

So if you think I’m your gal, hit up my portfolio, shoot me a message, and let’s get
the ball rolling.
Kim  x

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